Minto August 2020 Emag | Page 10

changing latitudes Changing Attitudes Hear what the Marsidi Family has to say about buying a new home in Latitude Margaritaville after experiencing the Change in Latitude Getaway program! Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach is proud to welcome Susanne and Paul Marsidi to the neighborhood! The couple bought their singlefamily home after exploring the community during a 3-day Change In Latitude Getaway. “We first went to Latitude Margaritaville to visit friends,” said Susanne. “We enjoyed their company but wanted to stay there by ourselves to get the real feel. It helped us picture ourselves there. You feel like you are living in the community. You get your own golf cart, have use of the kitchen and laundry facilities in the house where you stay, and get a nametag that says ‘future resident.’ When residents see that they say ‘Oh, you’re going to be a part of us.’ And they actually include you. It feels like home already.” Paul agrees. “The vibe is so positive. Everybody waves. You can really get the feel of the community, and you say ‘Hey, I want to be here!’ The community draws a different kind of fun-loving people. There is an instant draw to Latitude Margaritaville, and the people who see it want to live there.” The couple especially likes the Paradise Pool. “We spent our entire life taking vacations to places that look just like the Paradise Pool, and now it’s going to be ours. We’re going to be there in Paradise!” Paul adds, “It’s like a Caribbean resort feeling, and now it’s home! It’s amazing!” 10 CHANGING LATITUDES, CHANGING ATTITUDES