Minto February 2023 Emag | Page 28

When it comes to Latitude Margaritaville homes , they like that the homes are all one level and wellconstructed . They especially like the beachy vibe . “ It ’ s a big change to go from 4,000 square feet to less than 2,500 square feet but it has worked out great ,” says Fran . “ It surprised me how big it lives and it ’ s kind of freeing to get rid of all that stuff . There ’ s a lot to be said about simplifying your life . Our grandchildren love it here when they visit . We put triple bunk beds in the den for them .”

When not relaxing at home , the Sutherlands enjoy eating at the Bar & Chill on a regular basis and going to the live concerts at the Town Square Bandshell . Gary works out at the Fins Up ! Fitness Center every day and both enjoy the Paradise Pool , taking the grandkids to the family pool , and playing pickleball and Fins Ball .

Their Fins Ball team is dubbed the Frozen Concoctions . Gary ’ s team handle is Banana Smoothie and Fran ’ s is Margarita . “ We ’ ve won two games in three seasons , but we don ’ t care ,” laughs Gary .

How would the Sutherlands sum up their life at Latitude Margaritaville ? “ My overall experience has been amazing ,” says Gary . “ It has to do with the house , the people , the number of activities . It has been great !” Fran concurs . “ People here are ready to start a new phase of life and are in fellowship with each other . We feel very lucky .”