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With her frozen concoction maker at the ready on the kitchen island , Jordon is always ready to entertain at home . She describes her home as full-blown Margaritaville — beachy-cozy with mermaids and sea horses and a Margaritaville-style bar in the dining room . As a nod to her former home in Colorado , she added a fireplace . “ I definitely changed my latitude ,” she laughs .

While Jordon is a fan of Jimmy Buffett , she also is a big Rolling Stones fan . And … there ’ s a very interesting backstory . She tells about how she and a friend actually went on tour with the Rolling Stones before she married . They saved the day when a vital piece of equipment malfunctioned before the show . Battery acid was needed and the two found and secured a supply by offering front row seats to the show . From that moment on ,

Mick Jagger dubbed them the Acid Queens — a moniker proudly displayed on Jordon ’ s handpainted Rolling Stones themed golf cart .

She especially enjoys tooling over to the Town Center in her colorful golf cart for movies and live concerts . A singer at heart , she was thrilled when Dwayne Dopsey recently called her up on stage to sing along with the band for a lively rendition of “ When the Saints Come Marching In .”

“ Everybody ’ s having fun here ,” says Jordon . “ We all want the same thing out of life . We ’ re older . We ’ ve raised our children . We just want to have fun . It ’ s great when you get up in the morning and your big decision is deciding which swimming suit to wear and which hat to put on . It ’ s great when you love where you live !”