Minto July Emag | Page 8

When Jimmy arrived , he took a tour of the Latitude Margaritaville model home park and Latitude Town Center . About 50 folks were gathered there , and he stunned them all with an impromptu 45-minute concert on the steps of Paradise Pool . Within moments of someone posting on Facebook that Jimmy Buffett was there , the word spread like wildfire . The crowd quickly grew from about 50 to over 150 as residents rolled into the Town Center by the dozens on golf carts .

Jimmy performed a handful of songs , including “ Brown Eyed Girl ,” “ Come Monday ” and a few others . He ended with our favorite , “ Margaritaville ,” during which the crowd enthusiastically joined him in singing along .

“ He ’ s the salt of the earth ,” said Bruce Quinn , Latitude Margaritaville new home sales professional . “ He took time with the residents and staff and went out of his way to make sure everyone had a great time . Those who missed it are very sorry . Those who were there were in awe !”