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Debbie and Terry have discovered that there is nothing quite like trading the North ’ s winter doldrums for sunshine , palm trees , parties in the Town Square or a fun afternoon of pickleball and a dip in the pool .

“ There are a lot of activities here ,” says Terry . “ We have so much fun !” He particularly enjoys the Fins Up ! Fitness Center . “ It ’ s as good a facility as you will find anywhere ,” he notes . “ I ’ m there five days a week sometimes more . I ’ ve met so many great people there . There ’ s always a lot to talk about and stories to share , and , if I go at different times , I meet different people .”

Debbie especially likes playing pickleball . “ Pickleball is one of my favorite things . It ’ s a good form of exercise , and I ’ ve met a lot of really nice people playing pickleball . We also love the pool . We go to the Bar & Chill for lunch or a drink and also for Trivia Night and other activities .”

“ There ’ s nothing like the Paradise Pool !” exclaims Terry . “ We ’ ve been to so many places in our

travels and nobody has a better pool than Latitude Margaritaville . We ’ re there three or four days a week .” Debbie also enjoys the live music and special events in the Town Square at the bandshell .

“ Debbie has done a great job with this home ,” Terry says with pride . “ Everyone who comes to visit is just blown away . It ’ s beautiful , it ’ s perfect , and our setting is beautiful . We have the woods behind it and the layout is just perfect .”

Terry and Debbie are thoroughly enjoying their new home at Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head as well as traveling and exploring the many beautiful nearby areas and attractions of South Carolina , North Carolina and Georgia . “ We spend a lot of time in Charleston and Savannah ,” notes Terry . “ What ’ s not to love about the cities along the coast ?”

The couple also makes frequent visits to Hilton Head Island . “ We go there once a week on average and take our bikes down to the beach ,” says Debbie . “ You could literally be busy every day . It ’ s the best of all worlds !”