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“ I selected a villa and I love it ! The builder was awesome and sent me pictures every Friday while I was away . When he ushered me into the house , I cried . I didn ’ t know what to expect . I have two bedrooms , two baths , a great room and den . My five and eight-year-old grandkids visit and there ’ s plenty of room . I can look out on the lake and watch my palm trees sway . It ’ s beautiful . Just beautiful . I love going to the pool . I love the beach and we ’ re only 15-20 minutes away from it . We live in paradise ! You ’ re on vacation all the time !”

“ I ’ m a very social person and Latitude Margaritaville is all about community . If I put a post out on our page that I need someone to drive me somewhere , I would get 20 responses . I wanted to be somewhere where people are of like mind . I didn ’ t want to drive into a garage , put the garage door down and not see anyone .”

In addition to other activities , Cindy explores Daytona Beach and surrounding areas with a neighborhood adventure group , goes to classes at the gym and pool , plays golf at LPGA International across the street and is a member of the LPGA Amateur Daytona Chapter . “ I ’ m always busy . I ’ m definitely not bored !” she exclaims .

“ We do a lot of trips and go to all kinds of places . We get groups together and take a bus to festivals and other events . A lot of activities are coordinated by the Latitude Margaritaville Director of Fun .

Cindy says she recently ran into a new resident who was feeling a little overwhelmed by the many activity choices . “ I told her you can pick and choose . Just do what you want to do . It ’ s a very chill atmosphere .”

Cindy is all about friends and fun . She started a small group of 15 women called “ Happy and Healthy in Margaritaville ,” that focuses on body , mind and spirit . She also started drinks on the driveway , posting on Facebook to bring your drink and have a conversation .