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“ It ’ s a much more relaxed lifestyle here ,” says Gary . “ People come to Latitude Margaritaville because they want to have fun and meet people . I love how friendly everyone is . Whatever interests you have , you will find somebody who shares that same interest here .

“ We love being close to the beach , and Daytona is really like a small town . People have time for you . I love the smaller town atmosphere where you get to know everybody . There ’ s no traffic and it ’ s easy to go places . It ’ s also wonderful that there is so much conservation area and beautiful state parks .” The Browns ’ adult kids and grandkids have visited and also love Latitude Margaritaville and Daytona Beach . Patsy and Gary anticipate that at least one or two of them may decide to also change their latitude for a home in Daytona Beach near mom and dad .

Patsy and Gary enjoy all aspects of the Latitude Margaritaville lifestyle . “ It ’ s like a Disney ride driving our golf cart to the pool and gym ,” laughs Patsy . Gary enjoys sitting by the pool and taking an almost daily dip . Patsy enjoys water aerobics , kickboxing and playing games like Bunco with her many new friends . They also enjoy being able to pop over to the Latitude Town Square in their golf cart for live music and dancing .

“ We couldn ’ t be happier ,” says Patsy . “ We pinch ourselves every day . We ’ re living the dream . This is the best decision we ’ ve ever made . It ’ s paradise !”